Computer Science 455/555
Intro to Networks and Communications
Dr. Michele Weigle     Fall 2007     TA: Santosh Vuppala
mweigle at     TR, 3-4:15pm     svuppala at
E&CS 3214     Hughes 1117     Hughes 1111C
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Tue, Dec 4 @ 4:29 pm - Final Exam Study Guide
Bring questions about the
study guide to class on Thursday.

Tue, Dec 4 @ 10:38 am - Prog 3 Tests
I'm about to post Program 3 and Homework 4 grades. Here are the points and tests for grading Program 3. The requirement numbers correspond to those in your comments on Blackboard.

Sun, Dec 2 @ 5:41 pm - Paper Due Date
Final paper is due Thursday, Dec 6 (not Dec 4 as in annoucement below).

Thu, Nov 26 @ 4:23 pm - Various

Thu, Nov 26 @ 1:01 pm - Ch 5 Problems
There is no Homework 5, but if you would like practice on Chapter 5 material, here are some problems from the end of the chapter that I like:
Review Questions: 3, 8, 12, 13
Problems: 1, 2, 10, 14, 15, 16, 23, 25

Fri, Nov 16 @ 11:18 am - No Office Hours Tuesday
I will not be holding office hours next Tuesday. Please send me an email if you have questions.

Thu, Nov 15 @ 5:31 pm - No Class Tuesday
We finished Chapter 5 today, so there will be no class next Tuesday, Nov 20. Homework 4 is still due before 3pm on Tuesday. Either submit it via Blackboard or turn it in to the front CS office. Ask that it be left for the TA, Santosh Vuppala. Also, make sure someone timestamps and initials it.

Wed, Nov 14 @ 9:39 am - Grades Updated
Grades through Homework 3 have been updated on Blackboard.

Tue, Oct 30 @ 1:32 pm - CS 555 Presentation Topics
If you're still looking for a topic, you might want to consider one of the topics in the textbook that we won't have time to cover: KR 2.6 (P2P protocols), Ch 6 (wireless and mobile), Ch 8 (security). If you're interested in one of the topics from these chapters, you'll also need to find other material besides the textbook to draw from.

Send me your topic by the end of the week (Nov 2). I'll assign presentation slots and post them on the schedule by next Monday.

Tue, Oct 30 @ 1:18 pm - Program 3 Hints/FAQ

Tue, Oct 16 @ 12:57 pm - Writing Workshops/Extra Credit
Here are a couple of workshops sponsored by Writing Tutorial Services that might be of interest. I will give extra credit for attending any of these (you must pickup a slip that says you've attended). All sessions will be held during activity hour (12:30-1:30pm).

October 25th - Plagiarism (BAL 1014)
November 15th - Common ESL Errors (BAL 1014)
November 29th - Article Usage (BAL 1014)

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    Thanks to Dr. Roy Pargas, Clemson Univ.
  • Hackers take axe to Internet root servers, PC Pro News, Feb 7, 2007.
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