Computer Science 455/555
Intro to Networks and Communications

Old Announcements

Mon, Oct 15 @ 1:08 pm - Grades Posted
I've posted grades for Prog 2, Mid-Term Exam, and your updated current average on Blackboard.

Tue, Oct 2 @ 1:48 pm - DNS News Articles
I've posted two news articles about recent DNS attacks under
useful links.

Mon, Oct 1 @ 10:04 am - Study Guide
I've posted a Mid-Term Study Guide. Take a look at it and be ready to ask questions on Thursday.

Tue, Sep 25 @ 5:00 pm - Homework 2
Homework 2 has been posted on the schedule. It's due next Tuesday, Oct 2.

Sat, Sep 22 @ 4:20 pm - Program 2 FAQ
I'll be posting questions that I'm asked about Program 2 here. If the list gets too long, I'll pull this out into a separate page.

Tue, Sep 18 @ 4:59 pm - Program 2
Program 2 has been assigned and is due next Thursday, Sep 27.

Tue, Sep 18 @ 1:42 pm - Grades Posted
Grades for Homework 1, Program 1, and your current average have been posted on Blackboard.

Fri, Sep 7 @ 9:54 am - Homework 1
Homework 1 is due on Thursday, Sep 13 before class.

Tue, Sep 4 @ 4:43 pm - CS Unix Machines
You can access the CS Department's Unix machines with your CS username and password. Use SSH Secure Shell or Putty and login to (an alias to other CS machines). Actual machines include cash, tango, ra, and isis.

Fri, Aug 31 @ 9:49 am - Prog 1
Program 1 has been assigned and is due next Thursday. Note that in Example 2, the Path begins with a '/' (this has now been fixed from the original version of the assignment).

Wed, Aug 22 @ 1:36 pm - Welcome!
Welcome to CS 455/555! Before the first class meeting (Tues, Aug 28), please read over the syllabus and the slides that will be discussed in class. Links to all of these documents are located on our course schedule page.