Submitting Assignments using Blackboard

  • Log in to the CS 455/555 Blackboard page

  • Click the Assignments button

  • Find the current assignment and select View/Complete

  • A new page will open. In the Comments section, include a short list of questions you had and/or problems you encountered while doing the assignment. Also, provide an estimate of the amount of time you spent working on this assignment (including design, coding, and debugging). Do not leave the Comments section blank.

  • In the File To Attach section, click Browse... Your web browser will open a window in which you locate and select the file to attach. Use the Look in area's drop down menu at the top of the window to navigate to where the file is stored.

  • Once you find the file you want to attach, click once on its name. Then click Open in the lower right corner.

  • Click Add Another File so that the file you just chose will appear in the Currently Attached Files list.

  • Please do not add multiple copies of the same file.

  • When you've finished adding all of the files that are needed for the assignment, click Submit at the bottom of the page.
    Important: If you click Save instead of Submit, your assignment will not be turned in.

  • After you've clicked Submit, an assignment receipt page will display. Click OK. If you want, you can further verify that your assignment was submitted successfully by clicking the assignment's View/Complete link. An Assignment Already Completed page will open. Click OK to view the Assignment Information and your submitted work.
    Important: If you submit your assignment and later realize you have made a mistake, Blackboard will not allow you to re-submit the assignment. You must contact the TA or Dr. Weigle to be able to re-submit the program. They will delete your first submission, and Blackboard will allow you to re-submit. You have not turned in your assignment until you re-submit. You are only allowed to re-submit once per assignment. You are not allowed to re-submit after the due date.