Computer Science 795/895
Vehicular Networks

VANET Systems Papers for Round 2 of Presentations

You may choose one of the papers below, or find another paper on a different VANET system (look mainly either in IEEE VTC or ACM VANET conferences). If you find another paper, you need to clear it by me before you send it to the class list.

For this round of presentations, focus on the system developed, the communications involved, whether it is purely V2V or includes infrastructure, and strengths/weaknesses of the system as compared with other systems. Also, make a point to mention future work or other issues that still need to be addressed.

  1. Tamer Nadeem, Sasan Dashtinezhad, Chunyuan Liao, and Liviu Iftode. TrafficView: Traffic Data Dissemination using Car-to-Car Communication. ACM Mobile Computing and Communications Review (MC2R), Special Issue on Mobile Data Management, 8(3):6-19, July 2004.

  2. Qixiang Sun and Hector Garcia-Molina. Using Ad-hoc Inter-vehicle Networks for Regional Alerts. Tech Report, Stanford University, 2005.

  3. Lars Wichhof, Andre Ebner, Hermann Rohling, Matthias Lott, and Rudiger Halfmann. SOTIS - A Self-Organizing Traffic Information System. Proceedings of IEEE VTC - Spring, 2003.

  4. Marios Dikaiakos, Saif Iqbal, Tamer Nadeem, and Liviu Iftode. VITP: An Information Transfer Protocol for Vehicular Computing. Proceedings of ACM VANET, 2005.

  5. Bret Hull, Vladimir Bychkovsky, Yang Zhang, Kevin Chen, Michel Goraczko, Allen Miu, Eugene Shih, Hari Balakrishnan, and Samuel Madden. CarTel: A Distributed Mobile Sensor Computing System. Proceedings of ACM SenSys, Nov 2006.

  6. I. Chisalita and N. Shahmehri. A Context-based Vehicular Communication Protocol. Proceedings of PIMRC, Sept 2004.

  7. Joey Anda, Jason LeBrun, DiPak Ghosal, Chen-Nee Chuah, and Michael Zhang. VGrid: Vehicular AdHoc Networking and Computing Grid for Intelligent Traffic Control. Proceedings of IEEE VTC - Spring, May 2005.

  8. J. Ott and D. Kutscher. Drive-thru Internet: IEEE 802.11b for "automobile" users. Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM, March 2004.

  9. Xue Yang, Jie Liu, Feng Zhao, and Nitin H. Vaidya. A Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Protocol for Cooperative Collision Warning, Proceedings of MobiQuitous, 2004.