Computer Science 795/895
Vehicular Networks

Paper Summary Guidelines

The paper summaries that you submit should be typed, 1 inch margins, font size either 10 pt or 11 pt, and no longer than 1 page. Include the title, author, conference/journal, and year. Here's a
sample that I wrote on "The Security of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks".

Goal: The goal is to write a short summary, outlining the major points of the paper, in your own words. Later, you can use this to remind yourself about the paper without having to go back and re-read the paper itself. After you have read the paper, you shouldn't need to spend more than 1 hour writing the summary.

Include: Make sure that you include an overview of the problem the authors are solving, their approach, any advantages/disadvantages you see, and how they evaluated the work. Also, make note of what future work is mentioned and any other future work that you think might arise out of the paper.

References: Include a list of references included in the paper that you haven't read, but might find interesting to look at in the future.

Questions/Comments: Include a list of questions and/or comments that you have about the paper.

Grading: These short summaries will be read, graded, and count as your paper summary grade for the course. Make sure that you remove as many typos, spelling errors, and grammatical errors as possible before submitting the summary.

Requirements: Starting with the second round of presentations, you should submit a summary of the paper you present, along with summaries of 2 other papers. (Total of 3 summaries in each round of presentations.) These will be due on the day that those papers are presented in class.