Vehicular Networks

CS 795/895

Dr. Michele Weigle
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Spring 2008
TR 9:30-10:45 am
E&CS 2120

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Programming Assignment #1-B

First Simulation with JiST/SWANS

Assigned: Thurs, Jan 31
Due: Tues, Feb 5 (before 9:30am)

Setup the following scenario:

Once the moving vehicle exceeds the transmission range of the stationary vehicle, it will not receive any packets from the stationary vehicle.

a) Pick five different settings of the transmission power and use the "None" fading model. For each setting, measure the maximum distance at which the message was received.
b) Repeat part a using the Rayleigh fading model with the same transmission power settings.

Note: Do not discuss what transmission power settings you are using with your classmates. This way we should have a wide range of values tested.

Submit: (via Blackboard and via hardcopy in class)