Vehicular Networks

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Spring 2008
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E&CS 2120

Old Announcements

Tue, Apr 15 @ 12:38 pm - Office Hours This Week
Tuesday, Apr 15 - 1:30-3:30pm
Thursday, Apr 17 - cancelled

Tue, Apr 1 @ 11:23 am - Program 2
Program 2 is still due on Thursday before class. Submit what you have. If you weren't able to get the program working, write up what problems you had and what you tried to do to fix them. Note that you should receive an email today with some hints on how to get the vehicles to change lanes.

Sun, Mar 30 @ 5:30 pm - Security Papers
I've updated the schedule page with papers that we'll be discussing on Thursday relating to security and privacy.

Wed, Mar 26 @ 12:25 pm - Program 2 FAQ
  (I'll keep updating this as I get questions that I can answer.)
  • Should vehicles start out in one lane or both lanes?
    Randomly place vehicles in each of the two lanes.

Tue, Mar 25 @ 10:26 am - Class NOT Cancelled (3/27)
We'll meet on Thursday for 30 minutes to hear Nigel's presentation. Please arrive a little early so that we can get started on time.

Mon, Mar 24 @ 2:45 pm - Class Cancelled (3/27) and Prog 2
Class has been cancelled on Thursday, March 27 due to the
colloquium scheduled at 10 am. Program 2 is now due on Thursday, April 3.

Fri, Mar 7 @ 8:49 am - Papers/Background Reading
I've updated the background reading lists and schedule of application paper presentations.

Tue, Mar 4 @ 10:48 am - Updates

Thu, Feb 28 @ 2:20 pm - Updates

Thu, Feb 28 @ 2:15 pm - Mid-Term
The mid-term is open notes. I would recommend that you bring the assigned papers as well as the lecture slides/notes. Specifically, there are questions that refer to [McG06], [RAH06], and [WFG+04] along with other general vehicular networks topics that we've discussed in class.

Wed, Feb 27 @ 4:56 pm - Paper Assigned for Tuesday
Note that I've changed the paper assigned for next Tuesday (3/4). Please check the schedule. This paper describes the actual algorithm used in [ASL07] rather than focusing on the analysis.

Wed, Feb 13 @ 9:45 am - MDDV Assignment
The assignment on the MDDV paper will be given on Thursday and due next Tuesday. Since we will not meet on Tuesday, submit the assignment via Blackboard and put a hard-copy under my office door.

Tue, Feb 12 @ 6:30 pm - Papers on Schedule
I've added references to the papers that I mentioned in class today as well as those we will discuss on Thursday. Since only [WFG+04] is assigned for Thursday, you are only responsible for that one, but you might want to glance at the others.

Fri, Feb 8 @ 10:20 am - Paper Added
I added a link to the paper I mentioned in class yesterday ([SHA05]) that discussed the worst case number of vehicles needing to communicate for the CICAS application in various types of communities.

Wed, Jan 30 @ 11:40 am - NOTICE Slides
I've posted updated versions of the NOTICE slides. If you already printed the previous set, take a look at the new set because you may only need to print the later slides.

Tue, Jan 29 @ 6:32 pm - Updates
I've made several updates:

Wed, Jan 23 @ 9:30 am - Schedule Change
I'm moving our discussion of NOTICE until next week. On Thursday, we'll discuss mobility models and simulators. I've posted a set of slides that covers just the traffic monitoring topic under Jan 22 lecture. These are the same notes that were there previously, just with the NOTICE slides removed. I will let you know if I change the NOTICE slides for next week.

Tue, Jan 22 @ 11:08 am - Project Change
I've decided to postpone the due date of the projects until Apr 29. This will give you more time to choose a topic and to work on the project. You may still work in groups, but I would prefer you to work alone. If you plan to extend this work into a MS project, I would encourage you to work alone on the project.

Thu, Jan 17 @ 2:40 pm - Projects
I've posted a couple of suggested project topics. More may be added later, but also feel free to propose your own project. Go ahead and start talking with your classmates about ideas (you can use Blackboard to send email to the class). Remember that groups must be chosen next week.

Thu, Jan 17 @ 2:07 pm - Papers
I've posted assigned (and suggested) readings for next week. Note the new notation on the schedule regarding at what level you should read the papers. The assigned papers are listed on the course schedule, and both assigned and suggested papers are listed on the papers page.

Thu, Jan 17 @ 10:30 am - Lecture Notes
I've posted additional notes about the slides from today's lecture. These are also accessible from the schedule.

Thu, Jan 17 @ 7:00 am - Class Cancelled

Tue, Jan 8 @ 1:39 pm - Getting Started
See the course schedule for a preview of readings that will be due during the first week of classes.

Mon, Nov 12 @ 1:28 pm - Registering