Vehicular Networks

CS 795/895 - Schedule

Dr. Michele Weigle
mweigle at
Office Hours: TR 2-3:30 pm

Spring 2008
TR 9:30-10:45 am
E&CS 2120

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ODU Spring 2008 Calendar, Exam Schedule

Date Topic Readings for this class meeting Assignment/Due
Jan 15 Course Overview
Research Methods
Syllabus Paper 1-A, 1-B assigned
Jan 17 Intro to Vehicular Networks
(general overview, background on wireless networks and network security)
additional notes
[Kes07], [YMF06] Paper 1-A due
Jan 22 Background: Traffic Engineering/Monitoring [McG06]-1 Paper 1-B due
Jan 24 Background: Mobility Models, Simulation [HFB06]-1 (+ skim Sec 2-3)
(use the March 2007 version)
Program 1-A assigned
Jan 29 JiST/SWANS simulator
Guest Lecturer: Khaled Ibrahim
[KS07]-2, [BHR05]-1 (+ skim Sec 4) Program 1-A due
updated from Jan 22
[AOW08] Program 1-B assigned
Feb 5 VII [VII05], [FHWA05]
(look at slides and skim architecture)
Feb 7
  • Safety Applications
  • DSRC and IEEE 802.11p
      (slides 1-25)
  •   Program 1-B due (new!)
    Feb 12
  • DSRC and IEEE 802.11p
      (slides 26-37)
  • Data Dissemination
      (Note: Not all topics are covered in these slides.)
      Papers discussed: [NTC+99], [BSH00], [SFL+00]
  • [NTC+99]  
    Feb 14 Data Dissemination
    Papers discussed: [SFL+00], [BB03], [KEO+04], [FZZ06], [PFR+07], [NSI06]
    [WFG+04] Project topic/group chosen
    Paper 2 assigned
    Feb 19 NO CLASS - Weigle out-of-town   Paper 2 due
    Feb 21
  • Data Dissemination
       Paper discussed: [WFG+04]
  • Data Aggregation
       Paper discussed: [NDL+04]
  •   Project proposal due
    Feb 26 NO CLASS - Study Day    
    Feb 28 Data Aggregation
    Paper discussed: [IW08]
    [IW08] Progress Report 1 due
    Diag Exam (Mar 1)
    Mar 4 Data Aggregation (Secure Aggregation)
    Papers to be discussed: [PRG+06], [RAH06]
    Mar 6 MID-TERM EXAM   Project background reading lists due
    Progress Report 2 due
    Program 2 assigned
    Mar 11 NO CLASS - Spring Break    
    Mar 13 NO CLASS - Spring Break    
    Mar 18 Project Background Presentations
    (Samy/Souhail, Mo/Talal)
      Paper 3 assigned
    Mar 20 Project Background Presentations
    (Vijetha/Srikanth, Rajat/Spardha, Danda)
      Project Evaluation Plan due
    Progress Report 3 due
    Mar 25 Project Background Presentations
    (Hadi/Brian, Madhukesh)
    Mar 27 Project Background Presentation
      Progress Report 4 due
    Apr 1 Routing
    Papers to be discussed: [NBG06], [WBM+07], [LA05]
    Apr 3 Security and Privacy
    Papers to be discussed: [PP05], [RPH06], [LB06]
    [PP05] Progress Report 5 due
    Program 2 due
    Apr 8 Applications
    (Vijetha/Srikanth, Danda)
    [DIN+05], [SAM+06] Paper 3 due
    Apr 10 Applications
    (Samy/Souhail, Rajat/Spardha)
    [BGL+07], [NDP+05] Evaluation results discussed w/Weigle
    Progress Report 6 due
    Apr 15 Applications
    Apr 17 Applications
    (Madhukesh/Nigel, Hadi/Brian)
    [CGM06], [RSI+07] Progress Report 7 due
    Apr 22 Project Presentations
    (Samy/Souhail, Hadi/Brian, Mo/Talal)
    Apr 24 Project Presentations
    (Vijetha/Srikanth, Rajat/Spardha, Danda)
    Apr 29 Project Presentations
    (Madhukesh, Nigel)
      Project paper due at 11:59pm
    May 1 FINAL EXAM due at noon