Office Hours: Dr. Ralph Grove

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Current Office Hours:

Thursday, October 17: No office hours today

If you would like to chat from off campus during office hours, visit my Webex page and login with your ODU credentials.

If none of these times are possible for you, please email me for an appointment (include your available times).


You can either make an appointment with me, or just drop in during office hours.

Appointments have priority, however, since I have many students off-campus who will need to schedule consultations.


To make an appointment, visit

Select the consultation mode that you prefer (Office, Phone, or Online), select my name (the Provider), select the desired date, and then select the time that you want.

To confirm your appointment, enter your ODU email address and a phone number, and in the Comments field please specify the class in which you're enrolled (e.g., CS270) and the nature of your question or problem.

Please limit yourself to one appointment at a time. I have over 100 students, all of whom deserve the chance to meet with me when needed.