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Project 3: Admin, Moderator, and User Functions

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(:title Project 3: Admin, Moderator, and User Functions:)
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'''Assigned''': Thu, Mar 22, 2013 \\
'''Status Report''': Thu, Apr 4, 2013 \\
'''Due''': Thu, Apr 11, 2013—in-class demos

!!! Description

The assignment asks you to continue to extend your message board from [[Project 2|Project 2]]. This version requires the addition of a registration mechanism for new users and extended role functions.

!!! Requirements

!!!! New User Registration
Use a 2 step procedure to reduce illegitimate registrations:

* A person requests an account.
* You send them an email with the necessary information to complete the registration (typically a confirmation link with a 1-time key used to verify that particular registration request).

At registration, users can specify if they want to receive either @@text/html@@ email or @@text/plain@@ email. Note that you cannot send email outside of the domain.

You are encouraged to have other groups test out your new user registration feature.

!!!! Forgot Password

Add a “Forgot password?” function to email password reminder or password reset to existing users. It is your choice which to implement.

!!!! Extended Role Functions

!!!!! Users

* Users can edit their own posts:
** leave some indicator that the post was edited - e.g. “this post edited on 2012-08-27T17:20:11 by sainswor”.
* Keep track of user stats:
** date registered.
** number of posts.
** number of threads started.
** date of last post.
* Define your own user “ranking” scheme:
** e.g.: “newbie, user, veteran, no life” or “walk-on, travel squad, 2nd line, starter”, …
** make up your own values and formula.
** “user level” is displayed when users read posts .

!!!!! Admin/Moderators

* Administrator should have an “overview” of all registered users, summarizing their activities (date registered, posts, replies, etc).
* Administrators and Moderator functions:
** “freeze” entire threads (no more replies, but not thread is not deleted).
** edit or delete message (leave some indicator that the message was edited or deleted):
*** do "the right thing“ when deleting msgs re: replies.
*** (check for race conditions: e.g. a msg being deleted after a user has begun the reply process but before they hit “submit”).
** “suspend” and “un-suspend” user:
*** suspend = cannot post messages until suspension is lifted.
*** send email re: action to the user.
* Administrator only functions (in addition to those introduced in Proj2):
** delete users and send email to user informing why deleted.

!!! Grading

!!!! In-class status report (Apr 4)

* Binary, either 0 or 3 points
* Attendance is mandatory
* 3–4 minute presentation per group
* Slides or appropriate digital and presentable alternative
* Status, problems, solutions, concepts, “to dos”
* Questions for your audience

!!!! In-class demo on (Apr 11)

* Demonstrate all of the required features of your system.
* Show any 'extras' that you have done.
* Instructor will assign 17 points based on a detailed examination after the class.
* Do not edit the files after midnight!

!!!! Each student will grade the aesthetic appearance of the other groups’ message boards

* Email me a score of 0–3.
** valid scores: 0, 1, 2, 3 (i.e., no decimal points).
** you must not give every group a grade of 3 (this will be treated as if you did not submit the evaluation).
* Each group will receive the average value.
* If you do not send your grades in within 24 hours, you will lose 3 points from your assignment.

Grades should be available within one week

!!! Submission

* These URLs will be valid for all students.
** If you are in a group of 2, only 1 URL will have the actual PHP, and the “other” URL will auto-redirect to the “right” URL .

!!! Recommendations

* Debug within your group first, then ask for other groups to help debug your operations.
* Your status report the week before the due date is for your benefit and the benefit of your peers more than for me.

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