Account Setup

Last modified: May 13, 2020

1 Do you have an active CS Network account?

Important: The CS Dept maintains its own network of Windows PCs and Unix machines. These are separate from the general University PCs maintained by the ITS (the general university computing services).

In this course, you need a CS network account, which is entirely separate from the general University account you get from ITS.

If you had a CS account in the past (if you took other CS courses, you probably did), it should be reactivated. Follow the steps [Confirming Your Account][] to be sure.

2 If You Have Never Had A CS Account

3 Confirming Your Account

If/when You Have A CS account…

3.1 The CS Windows Network

3.2 The CS Unix Network

4 If You Have Problems

4.1 Account Problems: Contacting the CS Systems Staff

Important: the CS Dept.’s computing facilities are separate from the general University facilities run by the ITS. ITS staff at the Technical Support Center in Webb Center cannot, in most cases, help you with account problems on the CS Dept. network.

To contact the CS Dept systems staff, send email to As with any emailed communication, you will get the most satisfactory results if you describe your problem clearly and fully.

4.2 Problems with Website Registration

If you encounter problems when trying to register with either the CS350 website, it’s probably not something the CS systems staff can help with, because if you have done the prior steps, we already know you have a working account.