Issue Tracking

Steven J Zeil

Last modified: Dec 21, 2019


Issue Tracking has long been recognized as an essential part of software maintenance.

In this lesson we will look at the kinds of information managed in typical issue tracking systems, and will discuss some of the ways in which an issue tracking system can impact even pre-maintenance development activities.

1 Issue Tracking

An apparently mundane task with significant impact on

1.1 Basic Questions

Roles in an Issue Tracking System

What Questions Does an Issue Tracking System Answer??

What is tracked?

Open Alternatives

2 Bugzilla

Bugzilla Problem Report


Bugzilla Classifies Problems by

Bugzilla also Tracks

The Life-Cycle of a Problem


What Goes into the System?

3 Other Systems


Most forge systems integrate some form of issue tracking

Other Possibilities

4 Eclipse - Mylyn

Task management with Mylyn

MyLyn and Project Perspectives

  1. personal task list, including Bugzilla reports

  2. Change set related to task

  3. Task editor

  4. Context-based task info

Working with an Issue-Tracking System

Task List

Context Management

Establishing Context

Restoring Context

Contexts and Tests

Contexts and Change Sets

Changes made while working on an activated tasks are checked

Machine Hopping