Informal Recitation Discussion & Office Hours

Thomas J. Kennedy


As with all network conferencing, there are a few prerequisites.

You need a PC with a good internet connection, a microphone, and headphones for this exercise.

1 Requesting an Appointment

  1. As an ODU student, you have a Google account for your email. This is what you must use for all class-related meetings. Log into your ODU email to be sure that your browser is logged in under your ODU account rather than any personal GMail/Google account.

    • You may want to explicitly logout of your personal GMail account before logging into your ODU Account

  2. Navigate to

    • This page lists my office hours. I am available both on-campus and via Google Meeting during these times.

  3. Click the Schedule Appointment button. Alternatively, you can click here.

  4. My calendar will list appointment slots during my office hours and during recitation.

  5. Click on an appointment slot to create a meeting.

    • In the description state whether you are requesting an individual or group meeting.

    • If you can not find an appointment slot, or would like to meet outside the listed times, send me an email at

  6. In a separate tab/window, check your Google calendar. You should see the event listed there.

2 Cancelling or Rescheduling

If you need to cancel, or reschedule, an appointment email me at

3 During Your Appointment

The controls are the same as discussed during the Network Conferncing activity

  1. Arrive a couple minutes early and check that your microphone and headphones are working.
  2. Have any discussion materials open (e.g., code, Eclipse, Google Doc).
  3. If I have not yet joined, a previous appointment is running a few minutes over. Wait a few minutes. I will extend our meeting as appropriate.