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Last modified: Dec 21, 2019


An agile approach characterized by

In this lesson we will look at the component activities and strategies of Scrum We will pay particular attention to the ways in which Scrum differs (in practice or in emphasis) from Extreme Programming.

Scrum in Context


As the name suggests, Scrum

1 Values

2 Practices

2.1 Scrum Teams

2.2 Scrum Events

2.2.1 Sprints

2.2.2 Sprint Planning

Held at beginning of sprint:

2.2.3 Daily Scrum

2.2.4 Sprint Review

2.2.5 Sprint Retrospective

2.3 Backlogs

2.3.1 Project Backlog

2.3.2 Sprint Backlog

2.3.3 Burndown Charts


A burndown chart shows amount of work remaining in the sprint backlog

3 Scaling Up

An extension to Scrum for larger projects: