From Design Elements to Milestones

Each team identified the major software development aspects of their project during CS 410. We referred to these aspects as design elements.

In 411W, we will transition them into milestones. The goal is to determine when each element is to begin and end.

To effectively schedule product development, you must determine which milestones have priority over others, and should begin earlier. You need to determine which development aspects (tasks) can be completed in parallel. For example, a team member may be providing authentication to your system at the same time another team member is installing database software.

Using “database” as a milestone, some associated tasks might be:

  1. Determine the database software package to use. (1 day, Joey DiNardo)
  2. Acquire license for software package (may not be needed if open source) ( 1 day, Joey DiNardo)
  3. Install software package (1 day, Joey DiNardo)
  4. Determine the tables to be included in the database (5 days, entire team)
  5. Determine the fields of each table (5 days, entire team, concurrent with 4)
  6. Conduct review of the design (1 day , entire team and Ms Brunelle)
  7. Implement tables and fields (2 days, Pernell Dixon)
  8. Populate database with fake data (2 days, Pernell Dixon)

Tasks 3 and 4 can be done at the same time, during the same week. All other tasks must be completed serially, and each is dependent upon the previous.