Introduction & Overview


Each module will contain a collection of instructional materials (including readings, graded exercises, and prototype deliverables). Before the first recitation meeting, read this document (i.e., Introduction & Overview) and the syllabus.

1 Course Structure

The class is organized into six modules, spanning 15 weeks during Fall/Spring Semesters and 10 weeks during Summer Semesters. Pay close attention to the schedule; Module length varies (i.e., not all Modules are the same length).

1.1 Module Overview

1.2 Module Structure

Each Module begins with the overview page. After reading that page, you should look at the assignments page to see what will be expected of you. After reviewing the assignments, you should start exploring the content through the topics menu.

Each week, you will have various tasks, including:

  1. Reading - material to read will be provided on the course site.

  2. Assignment - assignments will be available in Blackboard (under Assignments) and must be submitted through Blackboard.

  3. Discussion Questions - The discussion questions are listed in the course outline. Live Recitations–each group is registered for an hour long recitation. During this time, we will be able to have a live conversation about your papers and prototype progress. We will meet when needed–which might not be every week for every team.

2 Clarification & General Questions

Use the Hallway forum in Blackboard to ask for clarification on assignments, readings, due dates, and other course materials. I encourage you to answer your colleagues’ questions.