Lab Rewrites & Grading

Thomas J. Kennedy


1 The W in CS 411W

CS 411W is the writing intensive course with the Computer Science major. The 'W' at the end of CS 411W is the writing intensive designation.

The W designation requires that students:

  1. Receive feedback on their writing
  2. Make revisions based on supplied feedback
  3. Submit the revised work
  4. Receive updated grades based on revisions
  5. Use the revised work in another assignment

2 Grading Rigor & Points

What you wrote in CS 410 was the initial Lab 1 Draft. In CS 410 the draft was graded for content and a little grammar. CS 411W is the writing intensive course for Computer Science. The grading is required to be rigorous. Grading covers:

Every item you need to address is a 1 point deduction (with exceptions for mistakes such as missing sections/content). Every comment is something you need to address (i.e., correct) in your next revision.

3 Low Lab 1v1 Grades

Lab 1 version 1 (Lab 1v1) is the first formal Lab submission. The Lab 1v1 grade usually results in students questioning their writing skills. “Low” Lab 1v1 grades (i.e., grades under 50) are normal.

Lab 1v1 is the first time many students submit a formal technical document. There are many habits that carry over from other courses. These habits include:

Lab 1v1 is the beginning of the semester. Lab 1v1 is when we break bad habits.

4 Lab 1v2 & Lab 1 Final Grade

Lab 1v2 is the second formal Lab 1 submission. Lab 1v2 grades usually fall in the 82 to 100 range.

The Lab 1 portion of your grade will be max(Lab 1v1, Lab 1v2). Lab 1v2 submissions are always the higher grade. Your Lab 1v2 grade will take the place of your Lab 1v1 grade.