Prototype Structure - Overview

Thomas J. Kennedy


This document is a work in progress. It will be updated based on recitation discussions over the next couple weeks.

1 Seed Questions

Every Prototype and CS 411W Project is different. This precludes a cookie cutter set of instructions. You (and your team as a whole) need to keep two things in mind:

  1. This is your project. You get to decide (with a fair amount of latitude) what tools to use.
  2. Take ownership of this project. If you find a new tool show it to your team, write up a set of instructions, and share it with other teams.

As we start setting up Virtual Machines (VMs), Docker, and Git Repos, we need to discuss:

Depending on the nature of your team’s project, we may need to consider:

2 Web App or Smartphone Application

In CS 410 many teams design a software system with both a smartphone application and a web application. For the prototype… one almost always gets eliminated.

Teams are usually directed to focus on a web application, for two reasons:

  1. Less time is needed to learn the ropes (i.e., set up the tools and learn the platform/APIs).

  2. Web applications can be built mobile-first (i.e., designed to run on smartphones).

Modern web browsers (i.e., Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) support a few lesser know features, including:

When combined with Bootstrap and jQuery a websites with functionality similar to a smartphone app can be built… in a browser.