Software Development Process Models


Review the CS 350 material on these topics as necessary.

1 Waterfall Model

The waterfall model has been in use for many years. Typical in industry, a company is contacted by a customer who needs a software solution to a problem. Or, a competitive bid is made. The customer explains the problem and desired solution to the company’s employees. The developers research the domain and gather specification details. From there the solution designed, the software is written, and the code is tested. The product is demonstrated to the customer for acceptance. Based upon the contract in place, support and maintenance begin.

For each phase, once it is complete, there is no going back without loss of time and money. However, the transitions between phases are clearly defined.

2 Agile Software Development

The CS 410/411W development process is easily and effectively doable in an agile environment. The important take-aways will be: