Equality of Relations

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Definition (equality of binary relation):

Two binary relations R1 A1 A2 and R2 B1 B2 are equal if and only if A1 = B1 , A2 = B2 , and R1 = R2 as a set.

For example, let R1 = {<1, 2> , <2, 2>} {1, 2} {1, 2} , and R2 = {<a, b> , <b, b>} {a, b} {a, b} . Then R1 = R2 if and only if  a = 1 and b = 2.

Definition (equality of n-ary relation):

An n-ary relation R1 A1 ... An and an m-ary relation R2 B1 ... Bm are equal if and only if  m = n, Ai = Bi for each i, 1 i n , and R1 = R2 as a set of ordered n-tuples.

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