CS 744/844 Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems and Networks


The course will introduce some of the commonly used techniques in the performance evaluation of computing systems. Students will be exposed to a variety of analytical and simulation tools used in this field. The applicability of the techniuqes will be illustrated through case studies.


This course is designed for graduate students. CS 471/555 are desired prerequisites.


The course will require the use of Sun Workstations in the CS department.


Raj Jain, The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis, John Wiley &Sons, Inc., 1991. The text will be supplemented with a set of technical papers.


1. An overview of performance evaluation
2. Types of workloads and workload selection
3. Workload characterization 
4. Monitors and program execution
5. Benchmarking and data presentation
6. Ratio Games
7. Probability theory and statistics
8. Ananlysis of a single queue
9. Queueing networks
10. Mean-value analysis
11. Convolution algorithm 
12. Hierarchical decomposition
13. Factorial design 
14. Factorial designs with replication
15. One-factor experiments
16. Two-factor factorial design
17. Two-factor factorial design with replications
18. General full factorial designs
19. Simulation and analysis of results
20. Random number generation
21. Random variate generation

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