Dr. Steven J. Zeil

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Associate Professor, Old Dominion University

Ph.D., 1981, Ohio State University

Contact Information

  • Office: E&CS 3208
    Phone: (757) 683-4928
    E-mail: zeil@cs.odu.edu

  • Research

    My research interests in the past have focused on software testing and reliability measurement. More recently, I have been focussing on issues in distance learning and in digital libraries: Some of my projects are


    Current and Upcoming Courses

    Students enrolled in my courses can access the course materials through ODU's Blackboard system. Students thinking of enrolling in one of my course can use the links below to access the course syllabus.

    Upcoming courses may link to earlier syllabi until I have set up that semester's website, particularly if I do not anticipate much in the way of policy changes.

    Spring 2020: CS 252, Introduction to Unix for Programmers on-line syllabus
    CS 350, Introduction to Software Engineering live syllabus
    CS 390, Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science on-line syllabus

    Many of my courses are distance learning courses offered on-line. If you are trying to register for one of these and have questions or problems getting registered, please read my Distance Learning Registration FAQ.

    Course Websites

    Students are welcome to peruse my course websites at any time. These sites typically provide access to all lecture notes, slides, readings, and ungraded labs.

    CourseWebsite from:
    CS 250, Problem Solving and Programming II Fall 2014
    CS 252, Introduction to Unix for Programmers Spring 2020
    CS 330, Object-oriented Programming and Design Fall 2019
    CS 333, Problem Solving and Programming in C++ Spring 2017
    CS 350, Introduction to Software Engineering Spring 2020
    CS 361, Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Summer 2018
    CS 382, Introduction to Java Fall 2019
    CS 795/895, Software Development Spring 2013
    CS 795/895, Software Reliability Spring 2012
    CS 795/895, Machine Learning Spring 2010

    For Dept. Faculty Only

    In my Spare Time

    Making music...
    St. Nicholas Choir Autoharp Hammer Dulcimer Guitar