CS361 Algorithm Animations and Demonstrations

Below is a list of on-line algorithm animations developed for the Fall 1999 CS 361, Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms. The textbook for this course is Data Structures in C++ using the Standard Template Library, by Timothy Budd, 1998, Addison-Wesley.  Consequently, most of the algorithms featured here are derived from that text.

The animations were prepared using the AlgAE algorithm animation framework.

Full Animations

The animations listed below are complete running programs. You can choose any legal input values and observe the effects of that input on the data structures, while stepping though the actual code.

Selected Shorts

The series of graphics commands emitted by an AlgAE animation can be captured for later playback, or can be created "from scratch" with an ordinary text editor. Here are a few sequences that I have used for illustrations in circumstances where I did not feel that a full running program was called for.

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