Computer Science 791/891
VANET Seminar

Old Announcements

Thurs, Sep 6 @ 11:31 am - Simulator Links
I've posted links to several of the simulators that Khaled mentioned in his presentation on Tuesday. These links appear on the
schedule for Sep 4.

Mon, Sep 3 @ 2:35 pm - Presentations
I've put up a page with more information about student presentations. Choose your a paper early and go ahead and schedule your presentation. The first open slots are on Sep 25, so there is plenty of time to prepare something. (Note that there is now a "Presentations" link at the top of this page.)

Wed, Aug 29 @ 9:50 am - Time
Meeting time will actually be 5:45pm.

Fri, Aug 24 @ 9:50 am - Time/Room
We'll be meeting on Tuesday evenings 5:35pm-8:15pm in E&CS 2120.

Thurs, Aug 23 @ 2:47 pm - Welcome!
Please look at the posted syllabus, schedule, and useful links. If you are new to vehicular networks, please look at the New to VANETs guide.