Computer Science 791/891
VANET Seminar

Research Worklogs

Each student in the class is required to build and maintain an online research worklog. The log may be modeled on this
example or may be built from scratch.

Each entry should contain the date, the number of hours worked (in 1/2 hour increments), and the activity performed. Activity descriptions should contain links to relevant webpages, notes on references used, notes from papers, problems encountered, things left to do, etc. Make sure to put anything copied directly from a paper or website inside quotation marks.

Worklogs must be up-to-date before each class meeting.

Student Worklogs

  1. Jyoti Agarwal
  2. Mo Almalag
  3. Hadi Arbabi
  4. Aparna Belhe
  5. Raj Chadrawat
  6. Vijetha Devarashetty
  7. Snow Han
  8. Khaled Ibrahim
  9. Spardha Jaiswal
  10. Sai Krishna Kamineni
  11. Vishnui Kamisetty
  12. Satish Lakkoju
  13. Ganesh Madras
  14. Arjun Polu
  15. Srikanth Poluru
  16. Mragendra Singh
  17. Rajat Singh
  18. Mano Talagadadeevi
  19. Bhavana Tapde
  20. Gongjun Yan

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