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Spring 2008
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Paper Assignment Notes:

Paper Assignment #2

Assigned: Thurs, Feb 14
Due: Tues, Feb 19 before 11 am
(submit a hard-copy by slipping it under my office door before the deadline)

[WFG+04]     H. Wu, R. Fujimoto, R. Guensler, and M. Hunter, MDDV: A Mobility-Centric Data Dissemination Algorithm for Vehicular Networks, Proceedings of ACM VANET, 2004.

Answer the following questions about [WFG+04]:

  1. Produce examples (including a figure or diagram) that illustrate the message head candidate transitions (both from message head candidate to non-candidate and from non-candidate to candidate).

  2. Describe another localized algorithm that could use the generic mobile computation approach. Identify what each approach (global behavior, ideal scenario, approximation) would be for this algorithm/application (similar to Section 3.3).

  3. Describe how the approach to data dissemination in MDDV is different from the other papers we've looked at so far.

  4. Referring to Figures 5 and 6, why might the maximum delay still be so high (300 s) with 50% penetration when the delivery ratio at that level of penetration is close to 1?

  5. Describe an application that could take advantage of MDDV for data dissemination. Why would using MDDV be more advantageous than another method for that particular application?