Vehicular Networks

CS 795/895

Dr. Michele Weigle
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Office Hours: TR 2-3:30 pm

Spring 2008
TR 9:30-10:45 am
E&CS 2120

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Wed, Apr 23 @ 2:12 pm - Office Hours Thursday
Office hours this Thursday will be held 3:30-5pm instead of the regular time.

Tue, Apr 22 @ 11:54 am - Course Evaluations
Please fill out course evaluations for the class. You should have received instructions via email from the university.

Tue, Apr 22 @ 11:52 am - Final Exam Notes

Tue, Apr 22 @ 11:50 am - Grade Updates
I've posted all of your grades on Blackboard. Your current project grade does not include your project presentation or your final paper.

Fri, Apr 18 @ 1:22 pm - Final Presentations and Paper
I've posted information/guidelines about final presentations and the final paper. Let me know if you have any other questions about these.

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Course Overview

This course will introduce vehicular networks and facilitate a discussion of issues involved in building such networks. These issues include physical communications limitations, special characteristics of vehicular networks, possible applications (collision avoidance, incident notification, etc.), security, user privacy, and driver distraction. One goal of this class is to produce work suitable for submitting to the 2008 ACM International Workshop on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET).

There is no textbook for this course. Course material will come from research papers. Staying on top of assigned reading is required.

Course topics will include the following:

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Useful Links

Research Methods Vehicular Networks
  • ODU Honor Council
  • JiST/SWANS simulator
  • The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition, Strunk and White
  • SWANS User Guide
  • Writing for Computer Science, Justin Zobel
  • Traffic Applet
  • ODU's Writing Tutorial Services
      (these tutors are only for undergrads, but webpage has great resources)
  • DSRC page by Lee Armstrong
  • ODU's Graduate Writing Assistance Program
  • Mercedes-Benz video on potential uses for DSRC
      (seems like a marketing video, but still interesting)
  • Presentation Methods
      (from CS 410 / Janet Brunelle, instructor)
  • National ITS Architecture (DSRC)
  • How to Read a Research Paper by S. Keshav
  • Vehicle Safety Communications Project Final Report
  • Some Tips for Reading Research Papers by Tia Newhall
  • VII Website (links to presentations)
  • How to Read an Engineering Research Paper by William Griswold
  • RITA presentations (includes 2008 presentations)
  • Summary of a Scientific Article, George Mason Biology Dept.
  • A Referee's Plea by Mark Allman
  • Library Resources
      (links for off-campus access to ACM Digital Library and IEEE Xplore)
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